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Tim Cote

Tim Cote

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Tim Cote is a country songwriter and artist from Southeastern, CT. With influences ranging from Thomas Rhett to Garth Brooks, Tim's musical style encompasses the best elements of contemporary country music.

Tim's journey started at a young age, which created a love for music. Through practice and hard work, in 2015 Tim became the lead singer and frontman for the locally known band "Branded Country." The band gained popularity in the New England region, performing at various venues and events. However, Tim's passion for country music led him to make a bold move in 2017 by relocating to Nashville, TN.

Tim's musical talents caught the attention of many, including the producers of NBC's 'The Voice,' and he became a contestant on Season 10. Through his style, soulful voice and captivating performance wowed the judges during the Blind Auditions, showcasing his undeniable talent and potential.

Currently, Tim is focused on expanding his overall show and honing his songwriting skills through writing with many new talented songwriters in Nashville. He is committed to creating new music that will captivate audiences and further establish his presence in the country music scene.

Tim's latest single, "Quick Fix," is a testament to his growth as an artist. With its infectious melodies and lyrics, the song showcases Tim's versatility and ability to create relatable music. "Quick Fix" is available on all digital platforms, allowing fans to experience Tim's music wherever they may be.

As Tim Cote continues to make way in the country music world, his dedication to his craft and his authentic sound set him apart. With his natural talent and determination, Tim is well on his way to becoming a household name in the country music industry.

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